Shimmi Shake

Tap, Ballet, Street Dance, Cheerleading, Mixed Styles Dance classes in Bromley, Petts Wood, Kent

Why Exercise with us?

Dance classes with Shimmi Shake, NOW OPEN in Covid-19 ready venues. Street dance, Tap, Ballet classes in Petts Wood, Kent. Dance lessons for toddlers to young adults in from beginners to Advanced standard. Book online to secure one of our socially distanced and limited spaces.

All the Shimmi Team are passionate and driven individuals who are committed to delivering the best possible dance tuit
... ion and life skills needed through out your child's life. Our job is to ensure that your child reaches their own potential and we do this with a huge amount of personal pride. Every child is special to us and Shimmi Shake is more than a dance 's a family!

We are confidant that there is a suitable class for you!

There are dance lessons and then there's dance the Shimmi Shake way!
DBS Insured By: Hiscox

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Hiscox
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